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Know What People Are Working On While They Work Better Together

Worker Management & Collaboration Platform

Get data-driven insights about worker behavior while giving workers tools that drive performance, engagement and empowerment.

Go2 is a simple, user-friendly platform that combines team management, data-driven decision-making, and carte-blanche AI tooling for every user. Our platform is not a worker-monitoring system; it is a bottom-up aggregator of worker behaviors that gives you insights based on direct observation, not self-reporting or 3rd party monitoring. We make our AI tools available to every user on the platform as well so workers are empowered to use our management tools on themselves to improve how they work.

Simple UI

Go2 prioritizes the clean display of data and analysis throughout the system to ensure clear and actionable insights that pop.

Workforce Management

Go2 has set out to create the definitive platform for frontline teams by simplifying everything that makes work matter.

Real-Time Data

Go2's AI provides actionable insights both historically and in real-time, from enhancing daily tasks to big-picture decision-making.

Instant Insights

Actionable operational insights, automated reports, and performance trends driven by AI and delivered when you need them.

Platform-Agnostic AI

Go2 is a unified space to track team interactions, tool usage, and resources, no matter what platforms your workers use.

Enhance Worker Data

Amplify the power of worker behavior data by adding your own data sets and information repositories that you can query against for even deeper insights.

A Suite of AI-Powered Tools for Enhanced Performance

A management platform that maximizes skilled worker potential while helping businesses efficiently leverage AI. 

Streamline Your Operations 

Go2 offers a suite of features that provide operational awareness, productivity enhancements, and superior unbiased support to managers trying to optimize worker activity. 

Desktop Agent

Tracks time, areas of focus, and all behavioral and activity data across worker's entire computer. 

Work Visibility

A centralized platform that allows teams to collaborate, share resources and best practices.

Your Own AI Coworker

Every Go2 worker is equipped with an AI coworker to increase output across your entire organization.

We equip every teammate from day one access to custom tooling plus a directory of additional AI tools tailored to their needs, resulting to:

  • Empowered teammates

  • Increased productivity and efficiency

  • Enhanced creativity and problem-solving

  • Smaller teams, better outcomes

Daily Reporting

Team-wide reporting that provides visibility of worker's day - including priorities, goals and challenges.


Supercharge Your Operations With AI Insights

Demystify complex processes by using your team's data to build context to address inefficiencies and drive business success.

Resource Scraping

Captures full spectrum of user interactions, from keystrokes to intention and patterns, across devices.

Context-Driven Insights

Combines activity data with context and utilizes NLP and AI models to extract actionable insights. 

Ready To Change The Way You Manage Your Workforce?

Go2 leverages the strength of people and technology to support your team. Experience better hiring and worker management outcomes that allow you to focus on growing your business instead of managing seats.

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