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A Better Way Of Working Together

Subscription-Based Staffing

Subscribe for the number of seats you need to fill, add or remove seats as needed, cancel anytime.

Managing a high-quality customer service team is a full-time job, and keeping that team engaged is a second one. If you would rather focus on getting work done instead of keeping butts in seats, let us know.


Front-line office workers like customer support agents must continuously upskill and adapt to stay relevant in the workplace, management spend most of their time filling seats instead of managing, career coaching and clear advancement opportunities are almost non-existant.


Companies are constantly challenged by finding and retaining top talent, building a diverse and inclusive workforce, and scaling operations. Managing all of that in-house rarely makes sense but outsourcing options can be problematic for a host of reasons

Go2 Remote Staffing

A unified solution that accelerates productivity and profitability for both workers and companies. 

Go2 helps you find the right people to represent your company to your customers, equips your workers with the coaching and tools to overperform, and provides actionable insights for optimized team operations.

Hiring & Management, Simplified

Access a pool of exceptional candidates without the burdens of recruitment, onboarding and day-to-day operations management.


Our matchmakers are equipped with our proprietary matching algorithm to provide you with candidates that perfectly align with your team's needs.


Personally meet and evaluate each qualified candidate to ensure competency and culture fit.


Setting clear expectations, defining responsibilities, and establishing goals with your new team.


Regular check-ins and support for shared visibility and constantly improve team performance.


Streamlined feedback loop for a stronger connection and continuous improvement.

Ready To Change The Way You Hire?

Go2 leverages the strength of people and technology to support your team. Experience better hiring and worker management outcomes that allow you to focus on growing your business instead of managing seats.

Community and Coaching

We find people who work well together and bring out the best in each other. Our unique profiling and algorithmic matching system identifies the best candidates for your needs.

This system ensures your candidates are not only qualified but also a great cultural fit.

Explore how we match → 

Management Platform

Our custom-built workforce management platform harnesses the power of both humans and AI identify efficiency insights and automation opportunities.

Our platform ensures that you know what your team is doing, how they can be more efficient, and how your team can be more engaged at work.

Learn about our Platform → 

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