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A New Way To Find Great Candidates

Data-Driven Worker Matching

Match your job requirements, company culture, and preferred working styles with qualified candidates.

With Go2 Data-Driven Worker Matching, you get access to a pool of highly qualified applicants from around the world who are matched to your company profile across dozens of factors that typical recruiters could never capture.

How We Match

By analyzing the applicant's job performance data - such as the amount of time spent communicating and collaborating with others, adaptability to changes, and quality of work produced, we can make predictions about the applicant's fit with your company culture and work style, rather than simply relying on their skillset and what is written on their resume. 

Your Worker Attributes

Secure software is installed to identify your current employees and the attributes of top performers and outliers.

A Cultural Match

By leveraging AI to analyze your worker data and our candidate pool, we find people who are a great fit for your company.

Our Candidate Pool

We capture data on a giant pool of candidates to profile not only their skills and experience, but also their work habits.

Skills & Experience

A simplified, accelerated and data-driven matching process resulting to highly-engaged and productive teams.


Aligning With Your Company Culture

We recruit talented candidates worldwide, taking into account working styles and habits that are recognized and valued by your company culture.

Adapting To Your Requirements

Candidates are gauged for their fluency with customer service standards and their ability to quickly adapt these practices to your business needs.

Validated Work Data

AI matching allows us to compare and match your company data with behavior signals from our candidates' routine to validate their skills and experience. 

Ready To Change The Way You Hire?

Go2 leverages the strength of people and technology to support your team. Experience better hiring and worker management outcomes that allow you to focus on growing your business instead of managing seats.

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