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Our purpose is to get everyone on the same page.

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Hiring and managing operations teams for day-to-day administration, customer service, and other support roles is very challenging.

Most e-commerce companies suck at it, and when they turn to outsourced solutions, the results are usually mixed at best.

Outsourcing, freelancers, hiring in-house, they all leave a lot to be desired.

When it comes to frontline teams, there is a real problem.

They have the most interactions with customers, but they are the least motivated.

They make up the most of an organization but have the least investment made in their development.

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There is a rift in the employee, employer contract.

It stems from the rise of the continental workforce, growth of the shared economy, yada yada - leveraging a global workforce is great, but not when it affects outcomes and not when the people who help drive our businesses forward are suffering because of it.

We are focused on solving this problem.
We started as a subscription-based staffing company, and to an extent we still are - we hire, train, and engage support staff for a monthly subscription fee. On top of that, we provide software that acts as a relationship management and operating system for you and your frontline team.

We did this as a means to acquire users, generate revenue, and start collecting important data ethically that would allow us to be an instrument of change to an outdated way of doing things.

Getting started is simple and straightforward.

You work with your team just like they were in-house. We will provide the additional coaching, technology and focus on doing everything we can to set the relationship up for long-term success.

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