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Data + AI:

Workforce Empowerment Platform

Boost productivity, inspire creativity, and transform the workplace. With Go2, our focus is on making sure everyone can seize this opportunity.

Transforming Companies, Empowering Workers

Go2 maximizes worker potential while helping organizations effectively leverage data and AI to optimize operations. 

Experience Unprecedented Data Cohesion: Break down worker data silos with our AI-powered "load anything" data platform. Integrating disparate data sources into one unified view is simple and fast.




Partner Retention

Expand the Boundaries of Operational Efficiency: Our platform allows you to fully reimagine traditional workflows in order to drive transformative change across your organization. 


Average Worker

CSAT Score


Monthly Starting Cost

Unify Your Workforce View: Gain a 360° view of your workforce dynamics, from real-time attendance patterns and productivity insights to historical operational trends.

Harness AI-Ready Data Infrastructure: The very nature of the Go2 Platform allows you to harness AI right out of the box and add your own data to an AI engine in minutes with no coding.


Powerful Software That Works For You


Use our Desktop App, Web Portal and AI Bots together to give you a level of worker awareness that feels like magic.

Collect behavior data, track time, see your team working in real-time, and query it all with a scalable model-agnostic AI tooling. 



Rethink The Way We Work Together

We empower individuals and organizations to reach their full potential by creating an optimized environment for both companies and workers.

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Using data and AI, we match workers to employers across a spectrum of factors like soft skills, cultral fit, work style, and more.

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We challenge workers to be more efficient via AI-powered insights, human coaching, and continuous feedback.

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Our unified platform increases efficiency and productivity, creating better, optimized and more profitable teams.

Be Up And Running In Under Two Weeks


No commitment until you have hired workers from our candidate pool.

Attracting and building a great global support team is a whole art in itself, one we are perfecting in order to help move your business forward.


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Go2 Integrates With Tools You Already Have

Our technology integrates with your existing tools & workflows, making it ridiculously easy to work as one team.

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