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Grow your career from home. We've got your back.

Work directly with awesome brands: Don't just work for them, work with them.

Take ownership over your work, be proud of your contributions, have a measurable impact on the company's performance.

Full transparency: We're a small, but fast-growing start-up and we still have a long way to go.

In some ways, we are still an outsourcing company – we will hire you, bill our clients, and we will make a profit off the difference.  But that’s because we believe “outsourcing” is the obstacle we can leverage to change things. To be a differentiator. To help create equality in the global workforce.

At Go2, we are focused on increasing your earnings, treating you like a professional, advocating for your career development, and helping you become an equal member of a global workforce where you are not judged on where you are located, but by your performance and your attitude. 

If you are self-motivated, entrepreneurial, and want to own your career, let's chat.

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