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Looking For A Job? Apply with Go2.

Go2 is always looking for top global talent. Apply with us today.

Common Questions About Applying

How do I apply at Go2?

Hit the button below to apply.


What is the required work experience?

Unless otherwise specified in the job post, all of our remote work opportunities require at least one year of work experience.


Is there an age limit to apply?

No. We look forward to a future where this is no longer a commonly asked question.


What are the minimum computer/connectivity requirements for a remote position with Go2?

Check out our article about our minimum technical requirements.


Will Go2 provide me with equipment if I am hired?

No. Applicants should already have the equipment that meets our minimum requirements before applying.


Can I still apply even if I don't meet the hardware requirements?

Ideally, you would not apply. We will reject your application if any of the required hardware is not met, so why waste the time?


What will my work schedule be if I get placed on a Go2 Partner?

There is no fixed schedule for Teammates at Go2. Teammate work schedules are negotiated with our Partners on a case-by-case basis.


Most of our Partners have companies based in the United States and operate between 8am-6pm either in the East Coast US time zone (EST) or the Pacific Coast US time zone (PST).


We also have a few Partners in the AU (AST/AEDT) and UK (GMT/BST) time zones.


Some partners offer more flexible work schedules, but that depends on the nature of the work they're hiring for.


If you have limits or preferences on your work schedule, let us know in your application. It may take longer to find you a great fit if/after you pass the interview process. We can't promise anything but being honest about your schedule when you apply helps us to set you up for long-term success.


What types of roles do you place/support?

All of our roles are remote.


The majority of the roles we fill are in customer service, but CX is a GIANT industry with lots of different potential approaches among different companies. Our Partners come from a wide range of industries - from eCommerce, B2B, SaaS, and even mom-and-pop shops. This means that the basic duties from Partner to Partner can also vary quite a bit.


We also fill many other roles, from sales to admin work to bookkeeping to graphic design.


How much is your starting rate?

We offer competitive rates, usually higher than the going rate in most countries.

Rates at Go2 are based on merit/experience and you are always welcome to negotiate your rate before we put you on a Candidate Selection Call, but keep in mind that high rates may limit the Partners open to putting you on their account.


What is your payout process and schedule?

Payroll is processed every other week. Essentially, you work for two weeks and on the third week, you get paid.


We typically use Deel as our platform, meaning you can connect your Paypal, Payoneer, etc to your Deel account. You can even get paid in crypto. ​Payment processing always takes place by Friday of the following week.


You are responsible for reporting your income and paying any taxes in accordance with the laws of the country you live in.


What are your company benefits?

We provide accrual-based paid time off, flexible holiday pay, and paid parental leave, etc.


We have an employee assistance program for maintaining your mental health and we provide consistent career development coaching as long as you work with us.

As a company that hires people in 30+ and growing countries, we don't have all of the same benefits a traditional company might offer, but we do everything we can and continue to improve the employee experience that comes with being a part of Go2.


Our benchmark is to pay you enough that the cost of you purchasing your own HMO plan still leaves you with a larger bank balance than if you went with a company that provides some of these things directly.


We also provide initial raises to our Teammates during their first 18 months that are usually on average a lot higher than standard percentage increases. From there, we focus on having the Partner pay you more directly and act as your compensation advocate.


Our ability to help you get paid more over time (if you earn such merit-based increases) is the largest benefit to working with Go2. It is literally the point of our company., we don't provide HMO directly.


Do you offer part-time work?



Do you have non-voice accounts?

Yes, we do...but...if you are only interested in a non-voice account and are not open to taking any inbound, etc... Go2 might not be the best fit.


We expect you to be vocal and willing to get on meetings with your Partner, managers, co-workers, and even customers if need be. Sometimes a Partner starts off with only inbound email support and a Teammate does such a good job they decide to add phone support to their duties as well.


We don't want to work with people that would not be willing to use voice as a channel and take the random call. if needed


If you can't adapt like this, it also means you also are going to struggle with internal communication and/or showing ownership of outcomes.


We love to talk, and we hope you do, too.


What countries do you hire out of?

Almost all of them.


There are two situations with countries that we try to avoid for practical reasons.

  1. Countries that are on the US terrorist watchlist. How would you know if your country is on a watch list? If you aren't sure you're in the clear. Those that live in those countries are well aware of the barriers being on a list presents. Hiring from these countries would require Go2 to report complicated data usage and browser history information to the US government. It is very costly and time-consuming for us to do this for even one person, so we avoid it.

  2. We don't hire Teammates out of the US, Canada, or UK either. The administration costs for these countries are also very high and time-consuming to maintain.

I am having trouble submitting the application form.

Please make sure to disable any ad-blockers, clear your browser cache/cookies, and fill out the application form on a computer with an up-to-date web browser, preferably Google Chrome.


You also need to allow video and audio access on your browser when prompted and make sure that your audio and video devices are detected correctly.


Let us know if you are still having issues by dropping us a message through our Facebook page at


What do you care most about in an applicant?

Keeping it real. This video is for people having already applied but answers a lot of the questions you might have.


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Looking For A Job?
Apply with Go2

Go2 is always looking for top global talent. Apply with us today.

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