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Troubleshooting Problems with Video Calling Software

Updated: May 10

Of all the times for something to go wrong with your software, why did it have to be the interview? Don’t worry, your interviewer has probably seen and heard it all before. Whether your software is closing, you can’t connect, your video is lagging, or you sound like a robot, here are some fixes that could help:

Video and Audio Lagging

A common problem job seekers have with video conferencing software is ‘lag’, when slow internet speeds and small bandwidth stop the software from sending all the data it needs to run smoothly. Lag can delay your audio and video by a few seconds, it can cause long pauses, and it can even make 60 seconds of conversation arrive in your headset all at the same time.


Quick Fixes

  • Close the video calling program and start it again!

  • Close all of the programs that you don’t need for your video call.

  • Check your operating system isn’t updating, and pause it if it is.

  • Stop any antivirus scans from running while you are being interviewed.

  • Follow the steps for increasing your internet speed. You need a 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed for a smooth video experience.

Medium Fixes

  • Update your operating system to make sure your video drivers are up to date.

  • Check your firewall isn’t stopping your video calling program from sending and receiving information. You can add ‘exceptions’ to tell your firewall to let your program through.

  • Restart your device - it works like magic sometimes!

Slow Fixes

  • Try port forwarding to unblock the ports your video conferencing software needs to send and receive information.

Webcam or Microphone Not Working

You might be reading this article thinking that a slow video call would be an improvement because your webcam or microphone isn’t working at all. If your video or microphone isn’t working with your video conferencing software, don’t worry there are some quick fixes here:


Quick Fixes

  • Make sure your webcam and microphone are plugged in (we’ve all done it!), and that your microphone is plugged into the microphone socket (red) and not the speaker socket (green) if you are using a PC or laptop.  

  • Go to the video and microphone settings in your video conferencing program, and make sure the correct microphone and webcam are selected.  

  • Make sure your webcam and microphone aren’t being used by another program, this could even be the software for the webcam.

Medium Fixes

  • Try a different microphone or webcam. You might have ones built into your system if you are using a laptop or tablet.  

  • Run a troubleshooting program in your operating system for sound or video.  

  • Update your operating system to make sure you have the most up-to-date audio and video drivers.

Slow Fixes

  • Ask a friend to help.  

  • Buy a new webcam or microphone, but only do this if you are sure it’s broken.  

Loud Electronic Noises in Your Video Interview

That horrible noise coming from your speakers that is making everyone deaf is probably ‘audio feedback’. This happens when your microphone picks up a noise and sends it to the call, then that noise is played through your speakers, which your microphone picks up and sends to the call…


Quick Fixes

  • Turn your speakers off and wear headphones. If your computer is making the noise, this will fix the problem.

  • Unplug your microphone, wipe the metal plug with a dry cloth and plug it back in. Make sure it is in all the way.

Medium Fixes

  • Troubleshoot audio problems in your sound settings.

  • Try a different headset or microphone.

  • Update your operating system to make sure your audio drivers are working properly.

Echo or Hearing Yourself Speak

Hearing your own voice is very off-putting during an interview, but it is very easy to fix, because it can really only be caused by two things. Either one of the other people in the video call has their speakers on, or you are somehow using ‘audio monitor mode’.


Quick Fixes

  • Ask if anyone in the call has their speakers on, and ask them to use a headset or headphones instead.

  • Make sure your speakers are off too!

Medium Fixes

  • Look through the audio settings in your operating system or soundcard software and make sure that ‘monitor audio’ or ‘audio monitoring’ is turned off.

  • Check to see if your microphone has a monitoring button that is switched on. Switch it off.

  • If you have installed fancy virtual audio cables, disable them.

Software Crashes or Closes

Unexpected crashes or closes can happen with any software, but it’s especially annoying during a video interview. Don’t worry, we have some quick fixes to try before you start thinking about rearranging.


Quick Fixes

  • Close all non-essential programs and restart the software.

  • Restart the software as an administrator.

  • Restart the software in compatibility mode.

  • Close all background processes related to the video calling software and then restart it.

  • Check if your antivirus program is scanning your system, and stop the scan if it is.

Medium Fixes

  • Reinstall the video software.

  • Update your operating system.

  • Update your video and audio drivers.

  • Try installing an older version of the video call software.

Slow Fixes

  • Ask if you can rearrange your interview and use different software.

  • Upgrade your operating system (if not the newest version).

Software Doesn’t Work on Your Browser

If you need to go to a virtual meeting using an application that runs in your web browser, and you see a message like the one below, there are a few very simple fixes:



Quick Fixes

  • Copy the URL (the address at the top of the web browser that usually starts with ‘www.’ or ‘http:’) and open it in a different web browser.

  • Update your web browser.

Medium Fixes

  • Install one of the recommended web browsers for the meeting platform and use this to open the video call.

  • Try opening the link on another device like your laptop or phone - you can also look for the app in the app store on your phone.

  • Download the desktop app and install it on your computer.

Strange Effects on Your Webcam

A lot of people found out in 2020 that their children had changed their webcam settings to show them as talking animals when they logged into a meeting. Don’t worry, if you have a strange effect on your webcam it’s usually a very quick fix!


Quick Fixes

Medium Fixes

  • Look for software from your webcam’s manufacturer. If this is installed, disable avatars and backgrounds.

Wrap Up

Whatever problem you are having with your video calling software, there is an answer out there on the internet. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, don’t be shy about using search engines to look for a solution. Talk to colleagues, family, and friends, and look for answers directly on the software developer’s website. With a little time and dedication you will find what you are looking for, or at least an alternative way to do the same thing!

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